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Power Units

Hypac power units consist of a motor/pump and reservoir assembled as a complete unit. They provide varying ranges of hp, flow and pressures along with many solenoid and manifold valving combinations. Hypac can build many custom combinations to meet a wide range of demands.

AC Power Units

Hypac AC power units are intended for intermittent duty, and normal use in conjunction with double-acting cylinders where intermittent, reciprocal motion is required. They can be used with any number of cylinders providing multiple movements from one power source. Pilot check valves offer load-holding capabilities and relief valves offer protection against induced pressures which direct flow back to tank.

DC Power Units

Hypac DC power units allow for bi-directional movement from one single self-contained power unit that also has load holding checks and internal relief. DC power units are typically used in such markets as mobile, marine, recreational vehicles and various industrial lifting applications to name a few. Voltages are available in 6, 12 and 24vDC.

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